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AWS Certification

AWS Data Analytics – Quiz 2: DynamoDB

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Which of the following is not a DynamoDB API call?


a) Incorrect. TTL does not use up WCU/RCU so would not cause the exception
b) Correct. This table has been poorly partitioned and there is a good chance of a ‘hot partition’ due to high demand for a particular game in a specific country. User_ID would have provided much higher cardinality and a better key, with less chance of exceptions.
c) Incorrect. In fact DynamoDB Acceleration (caching) may help mitigate the risk of exceptions, and will definitely not contribute to  this particular exception.
d) Correct. Scans can consume a lot of RCU

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An MMO game leaderboard is being stored in DynamoDB. Which of the following could cause ‘ProvisionedThroughputException’ from DynamoDB?

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In DynamoDB tables, which of the following cannot be defined or updated after table creation?

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A DynamoDB table needs to hold 100GB data and support 9000 RCU, 9000 WCU

How many partitions will it have?

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Which of the following is true for DynamoDB?


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Which of the following are ways to trigger real-time actions from DynamoDB?

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An  small online retailer is using DynamoDB to support its e-commerce shopping carts.

Based on peak shopping traffic, they are expecting 10,000 objects per second of 5KB write and 40,000 objects per second of 3KB read. Strongly consistent reads are required.

What should the corresponding e-commerce cart table be configured with?


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Which of the following are true for Local & Global Indexes in DynamoDB?

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Which of the following are is a valid way of using DynamoDB with large objects?

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What is the most efficient way to delete expired data from DynamoDB Tables?

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