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Why not prepare for Amazon’s AWS Data Analytics – Specialty certification with these questions & test your knowledge of Amazon Redshift?

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AWS Certification

AWS Data Analytics – Quiz 3: Redshift

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Which of the following are true regarding loading of data into Redshift from DynamoDB?

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At the end of the month, data analyst teams run end of month reporting and ad hoc analysis  consisting long, complex queries, creating a spike in read usage. Queries are running slowly. Automatic  Workload Management (WLM) and Short Queue Acceleration (SQA) are in place but have not fixed the problem.

Which of the following are the most cost effective and least disruptive means of scaling to meet demand?

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The data analysis team wish to create new insights on data currently located in S3, Amazon Aurora and Redshift, to be published in a new Business Intelligence application. Which of the following is the most straight-forward solution?

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You have created two tables on Redshift which will be used to support data analysis and will be frequently accessed, holding a 1-2GB data set. Often, analytics queries will require joins on these tables. Which  style would ensure the appropriate data distribution for these tables?


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Which of the following are true regarding data merge (‘upsert’) operations and Amazon Redshift?

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Which of the following are best practice when loading data to Redshift?

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