AWS Data Analytics Certification

Know your Kinesis from your Kafka? Your OLAP from your OLTP?

This quiz will help you prepare for the Amazon ‘AWS Data Analytics – Specialty‘ certification.

Includes 10 free certification preparation questions, covering the topics below…

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AWS Data Analytics – Quiz 1

a) Intelligent tiering would not meet business requirement specifications, as tiering depends on file usage.

b) Use of versioning is required to handle archiving of original submissions. Use of lower cost One Zone IA is justified for blog summaries as these can be recreated if needed.

c) Lambda functions are not the most efficient way to achieve these requirements as they must be created and the code maintained.

d) As per b, but lacking versioning, so unable to automate archiving of original submission, and does not make use of S3 One Zone IA

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A blog curation website,  uses S3 to store blog content. Blogs submissions are uploaded to S3 and tagged as ‘pending’. 

Blogs that are accepted for publication are edited, the ‘pending’ tag is removed  , the new version replacing the original submission which can be archived to be accessible within 5 hours. Published blog summaries are created by AI inference running on SageMaker. 

Blogs that haven’t been accepted for publication after 30 days should be deleted permanently. Published blogs are archived 120 days after submission, after which they need to be accessible within 12 hours.

How should S3 be set up to support the blog lifecycle most cost effectively whilst meeting business requirements?

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A developer has installed the Kinesis Agent on an on-premises server.  Log data will be sent to the AWS Cloud . Which of the following are true?

(Select Two.)

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Which of the following is NOT a valid pre built authentication options for IoT clients?

(Select One)

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Which of the following are data ingestion solutions that can support real-time use cases?

(Select Two)

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Which of the following are true regarding S3 encryption?

(Select Two)

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Kinesis Data Firehose is being used to ingest data. Which of the following is NOT true?


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A company providing document analytics services wishes to optimise their S3 usage costs. Document analysis older than 14 days can be archived, and the original documents are not needed after 28 days.

Which of the following is true?

(Select One)

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Which of the following is NOT a component of AWS IoT Core?

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Which of the following are not directly supported as output for Kinesis Data Firehose?

(Select Two)

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Two Kinesis consumer apps are consuming from the same shard. Shared throughput (non fan out) is being used.

What is the average latency and maximum throughput per app?

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