Start AI enabling your products…

AI/ML Product managers will be in demand as AI becomes part of everyday life & every product. 
My aim is to provide product people the information they need to get up to speed and make the best use of this technology for their products and markets.


The growth of AutoML, acceleration via Transfer Learning & AI Cloud services plus a large ecosystem of start-ups and solutions providers has democratised AI, making it much easier to take your first steps. You can enhance your product or address your market without a data science background or a PhD!

A key goal of this website is to bring you the latest in “Accessible AI” and show that there are already plug & play AI services and solutions out there. 


I’ll be capturing the latest in use cases and news, what’s working and isn’t working, and sharing my thoughts on platforms, services and key players.

To bring AI to life, I’ll be publishing some hands-on labs, taking some real world AI use cases, illustrating how these could be implemented efficiently and quickly. I’ll be making extensive use of cloud platforms – these have the enterprise-grade security, scalability needed to deploy globally, whilst providing effective means of accessing contemporary AI solutions. 


If you want to innovate using the latest in machine learning, then you’ll need to build a more detailed understanding of AI technology.

To get the most out of your RFP, to appropriately define the product requirements for your development team, or to ensure people and processes are right for your roadmap, you’ll need to know much more about how AI and machine learning works end to end.

I’ll be providing original material and links to content and courses that’ll bring you up to speed quickly. Plus, I’ll be keeping track of the latest AI workflows, best practices and will share them here


AI is becoming more accessible and easier to use. As a Product Manager, you’ve likely already made use of at least one machine learning solution already, even if it is hidden away in a supplier solution or platform.

If you’re not looking at your market or product now and thinking about how machine learning or AI could add new use cases, create differentiation or lower costs and increase scalability, then you may be risking your market position.

There’s every reason to start populating the candidate area in your mid term roadmap with some AI, whilst looking for AI services and capabilities to trial now.

About Me

I’m an experienced product manager and a technology enthusiast. In my most recent innovation role at a large UK operator I got to work with some cutting edge start-ups, and my interest in AI and machine learning took off. I’ve since got stuck into Google’s TensorFlow, IBM’s Watson, Microsoft Azure & AWS’s AI Platforms, learning Python and refreshing my data skills en route. I’m an AWS Machine Learning – Specialist, and currently favour the AWS platform. Give me another weekend trying to troubleshoot AWS Glue & Spark and I may switch! 

Andrew Gooday, editor